Building on the huge success of the London event the 1LoD New York Summit was the first independent US conference for the newly created control functions in the first line of defence. These control functions are employed by and located within the front office of the Markets and Banking divisions of Investment banks.

1LoD gathered over 180 professionals for a one day event combining keynote presentations, one-on-one interviews on stage, panel discussions, workshops, boardroom style interactive sessions, intimate roundtable discussions and an exhibition of the leading technology and services in the market.

The Summit featured the latest audience interaction technology to ensure maximum engagement between speakers and delegates, even before the event.




“Congratulations on another excellent conference. Your work is making a really big contribution to the industry”   


Darren Jarvis, Managing Director, Global Head of Business Controls and Supervision, Markets Division, Citigroup

Post Event Report

You can download a copy of the 1LoD New York Summit 2018 post event report, featuring articles, poll data and more, by clicking below.

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The sponsors of the 1LoD Summit 2018 have provided 1LoD with high quality content relevant for control professionals. This content can be accessed by entering your information below. 

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  • "The Supervisory Framework: Building a stronger defence" courtesy of PwC 

  • "FINRA's 2018 Examination Priorities" courtesy of PwC

  • "The Corlytics Barometer: The market conduct landscape" courtesy of Corlytics

  • "How a leading APAC Bank mitigates Conduct Risk with Holistic Surveillance and Trade Reconstruction " courtesy of Fonetic

  •  "Conduct Surveillance Information Sheet" courtesy of Digital Reasoning

  • "The ROI of AI: How Intelligent Technology Transforms Enterprise Surveillance in the Innovation Age" courtesy of Digital Reasoning

  • "Market Abuse Monitoring Goes Forensic" courtesy of GreySpark Partners

  • "E-Trading Governance ups the pace" courtesy of GreySpark Partners

  • "Red Team Thinking™  (developed by the US Army in the wake of 9/11) and its application to control functions working in the financial services industry" courtesy of Red Team Thinking

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