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XLoD Leaders' Network

Risk and control functions across all lines of defence need to collaborate more effectively, to reduce costs and to be more effective at mitigating risk. The XLoD Leaders’ Network (XLoDLN) is the first time that senior Managing Directors from the 1st line of defence will join Managing Directors in Compliance and other non-financial risk functions, in a private environment, to examine areas where better collaboration could achieve the greatest returns for their institutions.

What is it?

  • The XLoD Leaders Network (XLoDLN) is a private, invitation-only network of meetings for senior Managing Director level decision makers (only) from across different non-financial risk functions to discuss the most pressing topics.
  • The XLoDLN is underpinned by a group of Members who are senior MDs running the 1st line of defence control function globally or 2nd line functions (Risk & Compliance) at a regional or global level from a leading bank. The members are committed to attend at least two of the three meetings in a year in their region and with 1LoD set the agenda. Note, other MDs attend the meetings too as guests.

Who is it for?

  • Global and regional heads of function from the 1st line of defence, compliance and other non-financial risk functions
  • Managing Director level only
  • 1LoD to secure a group of up to 20-30 Members, to drive the agenda and set objectives for each meeting

What are the benefits?

  • Only Members may attend any of the 6 Leaders Networks globally.
  • Members (only) will receive a regular (every 3-months) update on other banks priorities for benchmarking purposes – see example
  • Guest access to all 1LoD’s numerous high-level events (including 1LoD’s annual flagship events – XLoD and the Financial Crime Summits in London and New York and all our virtual events) Please note, these delegate places cost non-members up to $2245/£1895 per event 
  • Members will receive the best rates available to send their teams to 1LoD’s virtual and in-person events (50% + discounts)
  • Members will drive the content and agenda for each meeting to ensure discussions are timely, topical and reflect their institutions top priorities
  • Members may request specific regulators, banks and other outside speakers that do not conflict with the network


Great set of industry practitioners bringing real world knowledge and candid dialogue on challenges facing the risk & control functions.”   Dominique Benz, Managing Director and Head of Business Controls, Mizuho

Bank of America

"Great event hearing from senior control leaders from other firms."   Andrew Brodie, Managing Director, Global Head GM Business Controls, Bank of America

What is the XLoDLN’s objectives?

  • To provide an opportunity for non-financial risk and control leaders to collaborate through sharing best practice   
  • To aid identification of efficiencies and better management of risk within the relevant function
  • To implement a networking opportunity with senior peers across non-financial risk functions
  • To allow benchmarks to be explored
  • To provide a platform from which practitioners can hear about and understand the latest advances in technology
  • To provide a safe, off the record environment for banks to speak freely between themselves

In what format is it delivered and when?

  • The XLoD Leaders Network is held in-person, three times a year, in London and New York
  • One of the meetings, in each region, will be part of XLoD Global in-person conference
  • Held under Chatham House Rule – so in a safe environment to ensure free discussion 
  • No press are in attendance


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