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Onboarding & KYC Deep Dive Agenda

Have a look at the 2024 agenda

  1. 50 mins
    • Should banks be focusing on implementing a Risk-Based Approach (RBA) for their onboarding process?
    • Is implementing an RBA more effective when onboarding clients? Does an RBA invite a more convoluted set of controls to manage and mitigate financial crime risks?
    • How does implementing an effective RBA improve the onboarding process from a client perspective?
    • How can banks demonstrate to regulators that the appropriate risks have been accounted for?
  1. 55 mins
    • How can banks ensure the correct identification of risk using transaction monitoring tools and other monitoring capabilities to monitor and listen to the market for risk indicators?
    • How can banks utilise advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the monitoring process?
    • Which event triggers should be implemented into pKYC programmes?
    • How can pKYC improve the client experience? Which aspects of the client due diligence (CDD) and enhanced due diligence (EDD) process can be most effectively streamlined to contribute to business growth, customer satisfaction and retention?
  1. 50 mins
    • How are criminals utilising new technologies to bypass banks’ KYC procedures? How are banks responding to these new threats?
    • Should banks be exploring emerging technologies such as blockchain to enhance CDD/EDD processes to ensure a proactive approach to emerging threats?
    • Are public-private initiatives beneficial in addressing emerging threats? Which working examples showcase good collaboration between the private sector, regulatory bodies, and governmental agencies?
    • How can banks enhance employee awareness and training programs to recognise and mitigate emerging threats in KYC compliance? How can the business be empowered to own the risk?
  1. 50 mins
    • What are the greatest opportunities for automation and new technologies in CDD/EDD?
    • Should banks be building or buying new technologies to aid in KYC and onboarding processes? How can low value -added tasks be automated?
    • What new skills are necessary in KYC teams to facilitate the incorporation of new technologies into onboarding and KYC teams?
    • Is explainability to regulators still top of mind for new technologies? How can banks ensure that AI and ML capabilities maintain regulatory compliance?
  1. 5 mins