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  • Cliffe Allen

    Cliffe Allen

    Managing Director, OTC Derivatives, National Futures Association (NFA)
  • Farhan Amin

    Farhan Amin

    Managing Director, Global Head of Markets Business Control Management, Wells Fargo
  • Nikhil Awasthi

    Nikhil Awasthi

    Managing Director & Global Head of Institutional Trade Monitoring, Regulatory Reporting, Supervisory Controls Technology, Morgan Stanley
  • Bala Ayyar

    Bala Ayyar

    Managing Director - Regulatory, Office of the Group COO, Societe Generale
  • Danielle Bartolomei

    Danielle Bartolomei

    Managing Director, Compliance and Operational Risk, JPMorgan Chase
  • Julie Bellinger

    Julie Bellinger

    Senior Product Manager, IBM Data and AI Software
  • Robert Benjamin

    Robert Benjamin

    Managing Director, Head of Front Office Trade Surveillance, Truist Securities
  • Dominique Benz

    Dominique Benz

    Managing Director, Head of Business Controls, Mizuho Americas
  • Rajiv Bhattacharya

    Rajiv Bhattacharya

    Managing Director, Head of Governance and Controls, Scotiabank
  • David Blunt

    David Blunt

    Consultant, 1LoD
  • Andy Cadel

    Andy Cadel

    Managing Director, Chief Privacy Officer, Head of Technology and Data Compliance, Morgan Stanley
  • Joseph Campione

    Joseph Campione

    Managing Director, Global Head of Communications Surveillance for CIB, Int’l, CB and TMPS, Wells Fargo
  • Andre Caraballo

    Andre Caraballo

    managing Director - Operational Risk , Macquarie
  • Joanne Cash

    Joanne Cash

    Head of Control Management for Operations and Investment Services, BNY Mellon
  • Suprio Chaudhuri

    Suprio Chaudhuri

    Chief Compliance Officer for Americas, Natixis
  • Sonia Chowdhury

    Sonia Chowdhury

    Regulatory Solution Sales Subject Matter Expert, SteelEye
  • Ed Clementi

    Ed Clementi

    Managing Director, Global Head of ICG Risk and Control, Citigroup and Founder & CEO, InspiredFire LLC
  • Bill Colacicco

    Bill Colacicco

    Managing Director - Head of Global Markets Risk & Controls, MUFG
  • Paul Cottee

    Paul Cottee

    Director, Subject Matter Expert, NICE Actimize
  • Steven Cranwell

    Steven Cranwell

    Chief Executive Officer, Americas, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Rajeev Dave

    Rajeev Dave

    Former Managing Director, Head of Surveillance, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  • Alex de Lucena

    Alex de Lucena

    Director of Product Strategy, Shield
  • Mandy DeFilippo

    Mandy DeFilippo

    Managing Director, COO Legal & Compliance, Risk and Operations, Citadel Securities
  • Dan Devroye

    Dan Devroye

    Managing Director, Head of Control, Strategy and Innovation, Global Security, JPMorgan Chase
  • Nick Diieso

    Nick Diieso

    Managing Director, Global Head of Operational Risk – Markets, Citigroup
  • Stephen Ditaranto

    Stephen Ditaranto

    Managing Director, Global Head of Capital Markets Surveillance, RBC
  • Sean Dusseau

    Sean Dusseau

    Managing Director - Global Capital Markets Compliance, Scotiabank
  • Chris Ferrara

    Chris Ferrara

    US Head of Surveillance and Monitoring, Credit Agricole
  • Patricia Flynn

    Patricia Flynn

    Managing Director, Global Head Market Surveillance, State Street Global Markets
  • Niki Fotheringham

    Niki Fotheringham

    Managing Director, Global Head of Surveillance, Bank of America
  • Shahid Ghaloo

    Shahid Ghaloo

    Strategy & Consulting Principal Director, Accenture
  • Marc Gilman

    Marc Gilman

    General Counsel & Vice President of Compliance, Theta Lake
  • Greg Gist

    Greg Gist

    Managing Director, Business Continuity and Resilience, DTCC
  • Cida Goncalves

    Cida Goncalves

    Managing Director, Chief Controls Officer for the Americas, Investment Bank and IHC, Barclays
  • Alex Guest

    Alex Guest

    Managing Director, US Head of Controls, Scotiabank
  • Craig Handyside

    Craig Handyside

    Managing Director - Head of Internal Audit, Americas, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Tom Hardin

    Tom Hardin

    The lead FBI informant at the heart of the Galleon Group insider trading scandal, Tipper X Advisors
  • Stuart Hoffman

    Stuart Hoffman

    Bank Examiner, Governance and Operational Risk Policy Analyst, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
  • Yvette Hollingsworth Clark

    Yvette Hollingsworth Clark

    Executive Vice President & Global Chief Compliance Officer, State Street
  • Jonathan Hummel

    Jonathan Hummel

    Chief Risk Officer, Americas, Deutsche Bank
  • Uday Kamath

    Uday Kamath

    Chief Analytics Officer, Smarsh
  • Mathias Kramer

    Mathias Kramer

    Managing Director, Global Head Compliance Information Controls Group, Morgan Stanley
  • Jon Kroeper

    Jon Kroeper

    Former Executive Vice President, Equities & Fixed Income Surveillance, FINRA
  • Scott Levine

    Scott Levine

    Principal, Capital Markets Non-Financial Risk Lead, PwC
  • Sasha Lewis

    Sasha Lewis

    Managing Director, Head of Operational Risk – Americas, UBS
  • Jeff Loeb

    Jeff Loeb

    Managing Director, Global Head of Communications Surveillance & Americas Head of Surveillance, Deutsche Bank
  • Steve LoGalbo

    Steve LoGalbo

    Director, Compliance Product Management, NICE Actimize
  • Tim Lutz

    Tim Lutz

    Managing Director, Compliance Data, Innovation and Technology, State Street
  • Michael Lyons

    Michael Lyons

    Compliance Director - Senior Surveillance Principal, Citigroup
  • Rob Mason

    Rob Mason

    Director, Regulatory Intelligence, Global Relay
  • Lindsay Moilanen

    Lindsay Moilanen

    Assistant Director, Enforcement, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Lida Nedell

    Lida Nedell

    Managing Director, Technology Risk Management, BNY Mellon
  • Lisa Nedell

    Lisa Nedell

    Managing Director, Technology Risk Management, BNY Mellon
  • Mihaela Nistor

    Mihaela Nistor

    Chief Risk Officer and Head of Risk Group, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Dr Roger Noon

    Dr Roger Noon

    Senior Moderator, 1LoD
  • Claire O’Sullivan

    Claire O’Sullivan

    Vice President, Regulatory Advisor and Stakeholder Engagement, FINRA
  • Rupal Patel

    Rupal Patel

    Co‑Head of Business Development, Acin
  • Alex Posharow

    Alex Posharow

    Managing Director, Americas Head of Monitoring, Surveillance and Controls, UBS
  • Satya Ravi

    Satya Ravi

    Managing Director, Regional Chief Audit Executive - Americas, Societe Generale
  • Martina Rejsjo

    Martina Rejsjo

    Director of Regulatory Affairs, Eventus
  • Paul Ricci

    Paul Ricci

    Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Auditor, Wells Fargo
  • Greg Ruppert

    Greg Ruppert

    Executive Vice President, Member Supervision, FINRA
  • Tracy Saale

    Tracy Saale

    Managing Director, Conduct Risk Management & Corporate Responsibility Officer, Charles Schwab
  • Marc Sabino

    Marc Sabino

    Managing Director, Head of Innovation, Internal Audit, Wells Fargo
  • Christopher Scarpati

    Christopher Scarpati

    Principal, PwC
  • Lauren Schenker

    Lauren Schenker

    Managing Director, Head of Capital Markets Surveillance & Compliance Technology, Truist Securities
  • Ajit Sequeira

    Ajit Sequeira

    Managing Director, Head of Controls, Wealth, Citigroup
  • Amy Shanle

    Amy Shanle

    Managing Director, Head of Enterprise Change, Resiliency & Sourcing Officer, BNY Mellon
  • Patrick Simonnet

    Patrick Simonnet

    Managing Director, Chief Audit Executive, Bank of China
  • Brian Slackman

    Brian Slackman

    Managing Director, Head of Business Controls – Americas, MUFG
  • Jeffrey Sundram

    Jeffrey Sundram

    Managing Director Head of U.S. Wholesale & Wealth Compliance, TD Securities
  • Colin Telmer

    Colin Telmer

    Managing Director, Global Head of Trade Surveillance, Scotiabank
  • Dr Rimma Teper

    Dr Rimma Teper

    Senior Director, Behavioural Scientist, Internal Audit, RBC
  • Tim Thompson

    Tim Thompson

    Senior Vice President, Enterprise Risk Management, FINRA
  • Michael Thor

    Michael Thor

    Managing Director - North American Financial Services Industry Leader, Protiviti
  • John Trapani

    John Trapani

    Global Industry Leader, Financial Services, Appian
  • Tom Venezia

    Tom Venezia

    EVP, Managing Director Americas, LeapXpert
  • Tanya Weisleder

    Tanya Weisleder

    CUSO Head of Conduct, Credit Agricole
  • Doug Wilbert

    Doug Wilbert

    Managing Director - Banking & Capital Markets Leader, Protiviti
  • Chuan Wong

    Chuan Wong

    Managing Director, Chief Controls Officer, Markets, BNY Mellon