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AsiaPac Surveillance - Deep Dive

AsiaPac Surveillance Deep Dive 2024

AsiaPac Surveillance Deep Dive 2024


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The AsiaPac region consists of multiple jurisdictions with distinct regulatory requirements. Banks operating across borders must navigate different compliance requirements making it challenging to establish a unified golden standard. 

On the communications compliance front challenges continue due to the linguistic diversity of the region, not only in spoken language and dialects, but with written language in the form of messaging and characters used, alongside the headline issue of the capture and record-keeping of unrecorded comms channels. 

The proliferation of trading venues keeps trade surveillance in the limelight too, increasing the complexity and depth of coverage needed by banks surveillance programmes. With all these challenges how can best practice, latest technology, such as AI, help to increase efficiencies, drive automate and improve alert quality for surveillance teams? 

This AsiaPac Surveillance Deep Dive will provide an in-depth analysis of these challenges through a series of debates with senior compliance surveillance leaders, and smaller, private off-the-record roundtable discussions.

Regulatory Keynote Interview with

Dr Rhys Bollen, Senior Executive Leader, Market Supervision, ASIC

Dr Rhys Bollen

Rhys will be interviewed on communications data capture expectations, the use of new technologies in aiding this capture, and how banks can create efficient and effective comms surveillance programmes given the challenging fragmented regulatory landscape.

Featured Speakers

The 2024 Surveillance Benchmarking Survey & Report

Debates will address

  • Pushing for global consistency: navigating the fragmented regulatory landscape of the AsiaPac Region
  • Ensuring regional coverage in a complex multi-lingual environment
  • Leveraging trade surveillance technology and AI to increase efficiency
  • Ensuring capture and diligent record-keeping of unrecorded comms channels

Roundtable discussions will cover

  • Surveillance of other Asian languages and dialects
  • Data sharing and managing the challenge of local requirements
  • How do global banks deal with surveillance in China and what are the best tactics?
  • Resourcing: Accessing the surveillance talent pool
  • Surveillance Operating Model: where does surveillance fit?
  • Voice to text transcription: what does good look like?

​​Why attend?


  • Engage with your direct peers globally and regionally
  • Hear what banks are doing to future proof their approach to surveillance coverage regulatory expectation
  • Find out how banks are effectively interpreting and staying ahead of evolving regulatory requirements while appeasing the different jurisdictions
  • Discover how banks are navigating the maze of data privacy regulations across the different jurisdictions
  • Find out how other banks are dealing and working with the nuanced surveillance rules in China
  • Discover how banks are ensuring regional coverage in a multi-lingual environment
  • Understand how banks within the region are using AI to enhance their surveillance function
  • Benchmark your comms and trade surveillance capabilities against your peers within the AsiaPac region and further afield.
  • Understand how banks are leveraging vendor innovation and integrating external technology with legacy systems
  • Hear from leading practitioners from banks working within the region who are buying and building comms and trade surveillance technologies
  • Identify optimum ways to maximise efficiencies within your institution
  • Accelerate your continued professional development by gaining CPD credits
  • Expand your professional network


Who is this Deep Dive for?

Managing Directors, Directors, and Head of Functions from Banks, Asset Managers and other Financial Institutions working within:

  • Surveillance
  • Compliance surveillance
  • Compliance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Surveillance monitoring
  • Compliance technology


  • Market surveillance
  • Communications surveillance
  • Trade surveillance
  • Voice surveillance
  • E-Comms surveillance
  • Internal Audit


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