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The 2024 Surveillance Benchmarking Survey & Report

The 2024 Surveillance Benchmarking Survey & Report



1LoD’s 2024 Surveillance Benchmarking Survey & Report offers a unique insight into the maturity and development of the functions they survey

This groundbreaking survey brings to light the rapid advancements and critical shifts in the landscape of market abuse surveillance. The comprehensive survey, enriched by insights from over 30 leading global banks, presents a forward-looking analysis that benchmarks current practices and sets the stage for the future of trade, e-comms, and voice surveillance in financial institutions.

A third of banks
will be increasing their surveillance spend in the next 12 months

74% of people
say that they either already use or are planning to use large language models (LLMs) in their market abuse surveillance functions in the next 12 months

73% of banks
need to upgrade their capabilities or start from scratch in cross-product market abuse

The most comprehensive survey available of banks’ surveillance of market abuse and conduct

The 2024 Surveillance Benchmarking Survey & Report

Do you provide solutions to market abuse and conduct surveillance practitioners?

If your answer is yes, then you should be taking advantage of the sponsorship and marketing opportunities associated to this groundbreaking survey. For more details please contact, +44 (0) 7914 215 980

These are the results of 1LoD’s completely updated version of its 2020 Surveillance Benchmarking Survey & Report. Since then, we have had thousands of conversations with surveillance leaders across the industry, including detailed consultations with the members of our Surveillance Leaders Network, who represent the most experienced surveillance leaders in the market.

This survey is the result of those conversations and it incorporates a host of new datapoints designed to help you benchmark your own trade, e-comms, and voice surveillance processes against your peers.


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