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1st Line Risk & Control Deep Dive


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Rightsizing 1st Line Risk & Control

Why now?

The perception is growing that, contrary to the original idea of the 3 lines model, we now have too many people in the 1st line, managing an ever-expanding portfolio of risks, but at the same time, still rising numbers of people in the 2nd and 3rd lines validating, checking and monitoring both the 1st line and each other. 

The hope is that technology can help drive the efficiencies and transparency needed to change this, and also that the 3 lines model itself can be refined so that arguments over where people sit take a back seat to discussions of who is best suited to executing particular tasks, regardless of their location in the 3 lines.

However, that growth has raised questions over what is the best practice operating model for the function, the roles it should fulfil and their potential overlap with other lines of defence, the potential for delegation and loss of core business accountability, and a host of other issues. 

What can you expect?

Taking place over two days each with three hours of debates and interactive roundtable discussions for financial institutions, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience a series of carefully managed interactive pre-booked discussions between financial institutions, moderated by 1LoD
  • Hear live keynote presentations and panel discussions incorporating delegate Q&A sessions
  • Join an inter-delegate messaging system available before, during and after the event
  • Use the facility to catch up on missed content, on-demand, for seven days after the event is finished
  • Access to content and presentations from leading technology vendors and consultants

Read the 2022 post event report

Who should attend? 

Managing Director, Directors and Heads of: 

  • Chief Control Officers
  • 1st Line
  • 1st Line Controls
  • Chief Controls Office
  • Supervision
  • Risk Assessment
  • Control Testing
  • Controls, Conduct and Supervision
  • Behaviour/ Conduct Risk 
  • Control & Supervision
  • Business Control Unit


  • Business Risk Management
  • Business Assurance
  • COOs and Business Managers (Front Office) with a control mandate
  • Front Office Risk and Control
  • Front Office Control & Remediation
  • Front Office Policy Governance
  • Front Office Control change 
  • Business Operational Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • And Compliance and Audit practitioners who are interested
    in interoperating with their colleagues in the 1st Line

How the Deep Dives work


  • A series of interactive pre-booked roundtable discussions between financial institutions, moderated by 1LoD
  • An inter-delegate messaging system


These private, off the record roundtables will be moderated by 1LoD, and will be attended by delegates from financial institutions who have booked their place in advance. They will take place on Zoom, and delegates will be sent discussion topics, and an overall structure of the debate in advance to aid the flow of the discussion. 

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