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The 2024 Surveillance Benchmarking Survey & Report

In our Knowledge Hub you can find lots of insightful reports, covering a variety of challenges and topics of interest for the 3 lines of defence. You can browse through all the content or select a filter to see specific topics within the Knowledge Hub.
  • 1LoD brought together leading figures to discuss the evolution and current state of the 1st line risk and control function in NFR management.
  • The recent series of AML debates provided a deep dive into the strategic integration of AML practices within the broader business framework.
  • In an era where fraud risks are evolving rapidly and appear increasingly complex, 1LoD’s recent Fraud Risk Deep Dive highlighted the urgent need for innovative, multi faceted approaches in the financi ...
  • Almost three quarters of those surveyed expect to buy some form of voice surveillance technology soon.
  • 1LoD gathered more than 20 financial crime leaders in London for its Leaders’ Network at the end of January 2024.
  • A balanced approach to artificial intelligence (AI) can encourage innovation and ensure rigorous oversight to protect market participants and maintain trust in the financial system
  • There is an increasing reliance on technological advancements, including artificial intelligence (AI), to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of surveillance measures
  • The 3 Lines of Defence must collaborate over culture even though current practices seldom extend beyond the compliance function, and leadership is critical in championing culture and conduct, and impr ...
  • Leaders from the 3 lines discussed the future of operational risk management at 1LoD’s XLoD Leaders’ Network event in New York, including the use of technology and analytics.
  • Participants were optimistic that AI and machine learning could automate the identification of control gaps and control enhancements, creating a more streamlined control environment and improving risk ...
  • A recent article by Banking Risk and Regulation (part of the Financial Times Group) on non-financial risk training highlights huge gaps and inconsistencies in training standards in the industry – it e ...
  • XLoD Global – London attracted around 700 senior practitioners from 1st line risk and control functions, 2nd line compliance and risk units, and 3rd line audit teams over two days in November.