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Surveillance Leaders' Network

The formation of the Surveillance Leaders’ Network (SLN) was requested in 2018 by a group of Managing Directors running market abuse surveillance functions at leading banks. Its objective is to provide regular off-the-record meetings for regional and global heads of surveillance in order to benchmark against each other, learn, network and determine best practice.

What is it?

  • The Surveillance Leaders’ Network (SLN) is a private, invitation-only series of meetings - for (10-20) senior decision-makers to discuss the most pressing market abuse surveillance challenges. 
  • The SLN is underpinned by a group of Founding Members who are senior Managing Directors running a global surveillance function at leading banks. 

Who is it for?

  • Global and regional heads of surveillance and compliance 
  • Managing Director or head of function level only

The 2024 Surveillance Benchmarking Survey & Report

What is the SLN's objectives?

  • To provide an opportunity for senior surveillance and compliance decision-makers to collaborate through sharing best practice  
  • To allow for the interpretation of global surveillance regulation
  • To aid identification of efficiencies and better management of risk within the surveillance function
  • To implement a networking opportunity with senior peers across the surveillance community
  • To allow  benchmarks to be explored
  • To provide a platform from which practitioners can hear about and understand the latest advances in technology
  • To provide a safe, off the record environment for banks to speak freely between themselves

In what format is it delivered and when?

  • The SLN is held in-person, regularly, in London and in New York
  • One of the regular meetings in each region will be part of the XLoD Global in-person conference 
  • Chatham House Rule applies, creating a safe environment for a free discussion
  • No press are in attendance

Founding members:

Read the report from our Leaders' Networks: