• Sanjay Sharma

    Sanjay Sharma

    Managing Director, Global Head Equities, GFX and Global Debt Markets Compliance, Co – Chair of European Compliance D&I Network, HSBC
  • Andrea Sharrin

    Andrea Sharrin

    Managing Director, Head of Financial Crime for the Americas and Investment Bank, Barclays
  • Tom Shearman

    Tom Shearman

    Head of Whistleblowing, Santander UK
  • Johanna Sheppard

    Johanna Sheppard

    Managing Director, UK Compliance, Barclays
  • James Short

    James Short

    Managing Director, Global Head of FCRM, Global Banking and Markets and Enterprise Head of Anti Bribery and Corruption, Scotiabank
  • Ben Shorten

    Ben Shorten

    Managing Director, Accenture
  • Gaurav Shukla

    Gaurav Shukla

    Capital Markets Strategy Partner, PwC
  • Nader Shwayhat

    Nader Shwayhat

    Global head, Bloomberg Integrated Compliance, Analytics, and Directory Solutions, Bloomberg
  • Vassiliki Siabanis

    Vassiliki Siabanis

    Director, Global Supervision, IB Americas and EMEA, Deutsche Bank
  • Charmian Simmons

    Charmian Simmons

    Financial Crime and Compliance Expert, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence
  • Patrick Simonnet

    Patrick Simonnet

    Managing Director, Chief Audit Executive, Bank of China
  • Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson

    Product Owner, ONETICK
  • Vandana Siney

    Vandana Siney

    Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, Barclays UK
  • Emmanuel Sirieys

    Emmanuel Sirieys

    Global Head of Audit for Markets, Securities Services and BSM, HSBC
  • Darren Sirr

    Darren Sirr

    Global Head of Trade Surveillance, BNY Mellon Markets
  • Stefano Sirtori

    Stefano Sirtori

    Team Leader, Markets and Data Reporting Department, European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)
  • Sander Slotema

    Sander Slotema

    Former Managing Director – IBOR Transition, HSBC
  • Roz Smith

    Roz Smith

    Head of Strategy & Change, Markets & Securities Services Non Financial Risk & Global Head of Non Financial Risk, Securities Services, HSBC
  • Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith

    Chief Operating Office Risk Strategy and Innovation Lead, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Liam Smith

    Liam Smith

    Head of Market Supervision, London Stock Exchange
  • Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    Americas Head of Surveillance, Barclays
  • Matt Smith

    Matt Smith

    Chief Executive Officer, SteelEye
  • Thomas Smith, Jr.

    Thomas Smith, Jr.

    Assistant Regional Director, New York Regional Office, U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Gayle Sparkes

    Gayle Sparkes

    EMEA Head of Conduct Risk Management ICRM and Global Head of ICG Conduct Risk, Citigroup
  • Chris Spedding

    Chris Spedding

    Independent Contributor