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  • Sriram Padmanabhan

    Sriram Padmanabhan

    Chief Auditor – Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA), Citigroup
  • Laura Padovani

    Laura Padovani

    Group Head of Compliance, Deutsche Bank
  • Chris Palmer

    Chris Palmer

    Managing Director, Global Lead of Firmwide LIBOR Transition Program, J.P. Morgan
  • Dimitrios Papathanasiou

    Dimitrios Papathanasiou

    Head of Global Funding Concentration and International Treasury Risk, Credit Suisse
  • Myeong Park

    Myeong Park

    Managing Director, Compliance, Conduct and Fraud Audit, Barclays
  • Vinaya Parvate

    Vinaya Parvate

    Managing Director, Global Head Fraud Risk Oversight, Institutional Clients Group, Citigroup
  • Nitesh Patel

    Nitesh Patel

    Group head of Operational Risk, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Isabella Pateman

    Isabella Pateman

    Chief Risk Officer, BACB
  • Lucy Pearman

    Lucy Pearman

    Managing Director, Global Risk & Compliance Transformation Leader, Protiviti
  • Matt Pearman

    Matt Pearman

    Managing Director, Chief Internal Auditor, Barclays
  • Keith Pearson

    Keith Pearson

    Global Head of Financial Services, ServiceNow
  • David Percival

    David Percival

    Global Head of Market Surveillance Operation and Oversight, Barclays
  • Matthew Perconte

    Matthew Perconte

    Managing Director, Risk & Compliance, Protiviti
  • Philip Perrot

    Philip Perrot

    Managing Director, Head o Commercial Data, Fenics Market Data
  • Mary Lou Peters

    Mary Lou Peters

    Managing Director, Head of Control for the Corporate & Investment Bank, Wells Fargo
  • Gwenda Phillips

    Gwenda Phillips

    Chief Risk Officer, SC Ventures; Global Head Crypto Asset Risk Management, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Jo Phizacklea

    Jo Phizacklea

    International Consumer Banking MLRO, JPMorgan Chase
  • Vincent Pinelli

    Vincent Pinelli

    U.S. Chief Audit Officer, Scotiabank
  • Victoria Pinnington

    Victoria Pinnington

    Senior Vice President, Market Regulation and Co-Chair, Transition Management Office, New Self-Regulatory Organization of Canada, a consolidation of IIROC and the MFDA
  • Michael Plumbridge

    Michael Plumbridge

    Managing Director, Head of Regulatory Compliance, ICBC Standard Bank
  • Iain Plunkett

    Iain Plunkett

    Former Chief Operating Officer & Chief Transformation Officer, Santander UK and Non-Executive Director, Citigroup Global Markets
  • Sam Pollack

    Sam Pollack

    Executive Director, Global Head of Communications Surveillance and Americas Head of FICC Trade Surveillance, J.P. Morgan
  • Nicola Poole

    Nicola Poole

    Managing Director, Global Head of New Client KYC Onboarding, Citigroup
  • Alex Posharow

    Alex Posharow

    Managing Director, Americas Head of Monitoring, Surveillance and Controls, UBS
  • Sarah Pritchard

    Sarah Pritchard

    Executive Director, Markets, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)