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  • Mark Cabana

    Mark Cabana

    Managing Director, Head of US Rates Strategy, Bank of America
  • Joseph Campione

    Joseph Campione

    Managing Director, CIB Business Control Management, Wells Fargo
  • Mark Cankett

    Mark Cankett

    Partner, Banking & Capital Markets Audit & Assurance Group, Deloitte
  • Mark Carawan

    Mark Carawan

    Former Group Chief Compliance Officer, Citigroup; and Senior Advisor, XLoD Global
  • René Carayol

    René Carayol

    Leading Executive Coach and Leadership Speaker
  • Brandon Carl

    Brandon Carl

    Executive Vice President, Product Strategy, Smarsh
  • John Carty

    John Carty

    Former Markets and Trading COO
  • Helen Castell

    Helen Castell

    Contributing Editor, 1LoD
  • Susanna Castillo

    Susanna Castillo

    Managing Director, Chief Conduct & Controls Officer, Global Markets, BNP Paribas America
  • Andra Catincescu

    Andra Catincescu

    Deputy CISO UK & Ireland, Deutsche Bank
  • Marco Ceci

    Marco Ceci

    Chief Information Security Officer, Wholesale Banking Activities, Societe Generale
  • Stephen Chan

    Stephen Chan

    Executive Director, Head of Front Office Supervision, Conduct and Control, Global Markets, Asia ex Japan, Nomura
  • Neil Chatterjee

    Neil Chatterjee

    Former Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, FERC
  • Daniel Chiechi

    Daniel Chiechi

    Head of Wholesale Market Compliance, Drax
  • Matt Childers

    Matt Childers

    Director – Compliance, National Futures Association (NFA)
  • Alessandro Chiozzi

    Alessandro Chiozzi

    Head of European Wholesale Banks Supervision, FCA
  • Lawrence Choo

    Lawrence Choo

    Head, Group Market Surveillance and Global Markets Compliance, Maybank
  • David Churton

    David Churton

    Global Head of Oversight for Compliance & GFC, Morgan Stanley
  • Daniel Cichocki

    Daniel Cichocki

    Director, LIBOR Transition; Commercial Finance, UK Finance
  • Steve Clark

    Steve Clark

    Executive Director, Global Head of ISG and MSIM Trade Surveillance, Morgan Stanley
  • Adrian Clark

    Adrian Clark

    Managing Director, Head of Business Risk and Governance International, RBC Global Asset Management
  • Sally Clark

    Sally Clark

    Sally Clark, Board Member, Metro Bank and Former Chief Internal Auditor, Barclays
  • Matt Clay

    Matt Clay

    Director, Financial Services; Finance, Risk & Compliance, Baringa
  • Elaine Clements

    Elaine Clements

    Non Executive Director, Tesco Pension Investment (TPI) Fund Managers Limited
  • Paul Clulow-Phillips

    Paul Clulow-Phillips

    Managing Director, Co-Global Head of Markets Compliance & Global Head of Capital Markets Surveillance, Société Générale