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XLoD Global - London 2024 Speakers

  • Cliffe Allen

    Cliffe Allen

    Managing Director, OTC Derivatives, National Futures Association (NFA)
  • Jeremy Arnold

    Jeremy Arnold

    Managing Director, Chief Risk Officer, NatWest Markets
  • Paul Berry

    Paul Berry

    Head of Supervision, MSS, Citigroup
  • Ian Blair

    Ian Blair

    Managing Director, Group Head of Surveillance, HSBC
  • David Churton

    David Churton

    Managing Director, Global Head of Oversight for Compliance & GFC, Morgan Stanley
  • Marie-Christine Crewe

    Marie-Christine Crewe

    Managing Director, Global Head of Monitoring, Surveillance & Controls, UBS
  • Nick Curle

    Nick Curle

    Chief Audit Executive, NatWest Group
  • Paul Day

    Paul Day

    Group Chief Internal Auditor, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Cameron Dick

    Cameron Dick

    Managing Director, Global in Business Risk, Controls and Compliance, Services, Citigroup
  • Chris Dickens

    Chris Dickens

    Managing Director, Head of Non-Financial Risk for Markets & Securities Services, HSBC
  • Nicolas Fanucci

    Nicolas Fanucci

    Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer CCIB and Europe & Americas, Standard Chartered Bank
  • Sharon Freach

    Sharon Freach

    Managing Director, Global Head of Operational Resilience, Morgan Stanley
  • Jamie Hamilton

    Jamie Hamilton

    Managing Director, Group Chief Controls Officer, Barclays
  • Graham Kent

    Graham Kent

    Managing Director, Group Chief Compliance Officer, Deutsche Bank
  • Jeremy Kirk

    Jeremy Kirk

    Managing Director, Divisional Control Officer, IB, Deutsche Bank
  • Tom Lewis

    Tom Lewis

    Chief Internal Auditor, Barclays Bank UK
  • Malena Ljungkvist

    Malena Ljungkvist

    Chief Risk Officer, Europe, RBC
  • Dario Lovelli

    Dario Lovelli

    Managing Director, Global of Markets Compliance Head (EMEA), State Street
  • Nick Lovett

    Nick Lovett

    Managing Director, Head of Business Risk Management & Operations, Non Core & Legacy, UBS
  • Tracey McDermott

    Tracey McDermott

    Group Head, Conduct, Financial Crime & Compliance, Standard Chartered Bank
  • John McGinn

    John McGinn

    Managing Director, Global Head of Surveillance, Deutsche Bank
  • Javier Munoz

    Javier Munoz

    Managing Director, Global Head of Conduct, Reputational Risk & ESG, Santander
  • Laura Needham

    Laura Needham

    Group Chief Internal Auditor, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Chris Palmer

    Chris Palmer

    Managing Director, Head of Markets Controls, J.P. Morgan
  • Nitesh Patel

    Nitesh Patel

    Group head of Operational Risk, Lloyds Banking Group