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  • Kyle Gardner

    Kyle Gardner

    SVP, Group Executive, Trading and Compliance, FIS
  • Lee Garf

    Lee Garf

    General Manager, Compliance, NICE Actimize
  • Andrew Garnett

    Andrew Garnett

    Head of Compliance, Royal London Asset Management
  • Ivan Gernstein

    Ivan Gernstein

    Managing Director, Trade Floor Supervision, BMO Capital Markets
  • Shahid Ghaloo

    Shahid Ghaloo

    Strategy & Consulting Principal Director, Accenture
  • Peter Gibbinson

    Peter Gibbinson

    Global Head of Market Conduct Surveillance, UBS
  • Paul Gibson

    Paul Gibson

    Director Business Development EMEA, Kx
  • Neil Giles

    Neil Giles

    Chief Executive, Traffik Analysis Hub & Former Deputy Director, Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)
  • Justin Gilli

    Justin Gilli

    Director, Trade Compliance, NRG
  • Marc Gilman

    Marc Gilman

    General Counsel & Vice President of Compliance, Theta Lake
  • Greg Gist

    Greg Gist

    Managing Director, Business Continuity and Resilience, DTCC
  • Steve Gitlin

    Steve Gitlin

    Executive Director, Global Head of KYC Advisory, Morgan Stanley
  • Rebecca Goad

    Rebecca Goad

    Global Head of Business Risk & Culture, HSBC
  • Martin Godfried

    Martin Godfried

    Head of the Market Surveillance and Conduct Department , ACER – European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators
  • Perry Goetz

    Perry Goetz

    Head of Compliance Solutions Product, Bloomberg
  • Ira Goldberg

    Ira Goldberg

    Managing Director, Global Chief Auditor, Compliance & AML, Citigroup
  • Jessica Gomel-Veksland

    Jessica Gomel-Veksland

    Managing Director, Global Head of Anti-Money Laundering, Global Financial Crimes Division, MUFG
  • Leila Gomes

    Leila Gomes

    Managing Director, EMEA Head of Business Resilience, Nomura International
  • Rafael Gomes

    Rafael Gomes

    Managing Director, Regulation and Compliance Risk, Accenture
  • Cida Goncalves

    Cida Goncalves

    Managing Director, Chief Controls Officer for the Americas, Investment Bank and IHC, Barclays
  • Ivy Gong

    Ivy Gong

    Managing Director, Global Head of Fraud Operations , Morgan Stanley
  • Irma Gonzalez

    Irma Gonzalez

    EMEA Head of Surveillance and EMEA Head of Markets Operational Risk Management, J.P. Morgan
  • Simon Goodwin

    Simon Goodwin

    Chief Compliance Officer, Europe and APAC, RBC
  • Shelly Goodwin

    Shelly Goodwin

    Regional Compliance Director, BP
  • Neil Gordon

    Neil Gordon

    Managing Director, Americas Head of KYC Operations, Deutsche Bank