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Alexandra Chesterfield

Alexandra Chesterfield

Head of Behavioural Risk, Group Internal Audit, NatWest Group

Alexandra Chesterfield is a practicing behavioural scientist and published author. She leads a team of behavioural risk specialists in Group Internal Audit, NatWest, to help reduce the risk of poor outcomes for the bank or customers arising from behavioural root causes. Before working at Natwest she was a Technical Specialist in the FCA’s Behavioural Economics & Data Science team and prior to that set up and led the first behavioural science team at Which?, Europe’s largest consumers’ association. She began her career at a research and strategy consultancy. For four years, she was an elected Councillor in Guildford and recently co-authored Poles Apart – on why people divide and how to bring them back together - published by Penguin Random House in September 2021.  Alex has a Master's degree in Cognitive and Decision Science from University College London (UCL).