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XLoD Global - London 2024


Panel Discussion: What is the Voice Surveillance Programme of the Future?

13 Nov 2024
  • How will voice transcription technology evolve in the next 3 years, and what impact will it have on the accuracy and efficiency of verbal communication monitoring within the banking sector?
  • In what ways will AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) contribute to the future of voice surveillance, particularly in analysing tone, sentiment, and context in spoken conversations?
  • What advancements can we expect in real-time monitoring and automated alerts in the future of voice surveillance?
  • How will voice surveillance systems integrate with other data sources to create a more comprehensive & contextual risk assessment?
  • What ethical and regulatory considerations will banks need to address as voice surveillance becomes more sophisticated, regulatory attention ocuses on broader misconduct and the surveilled population increase, particularly in balancing the effectiveness of surveillance with the privacy and consent rights of individuals?