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XLoD Global - London 2024


Boardroom Debate: Unlocking Effectiveness and Efficiencies through Data

14 Nov 2024
  • Data quality issues are not new to financial services. Why is data still one of the largest problems facing the 3 lines of defence? What does good risk data governance look like?
  • What role does accurate, reliable, standardised, and unbiased data play in supporting early risk identification and decision-making for more effective risk management?
  • How can effective data management accelerate decision-making within risk functions? What are the key considerations for leveraging data to ensure timely and accurate insights that drive strategic decisions?
  • What are the key components of an effective Integrated Risk Management (IRM) ecosystem? How can organisations overcome challenges associated with data aggregation and reporting in systems that traditionally operate in silos?
  • Considering there is no 'one size fits all' solution for IRM systems, how should organisations tailor their tech stacks to meet their specific needs? What factors should be considered when aligning technology, policies, and data to improve risk mitigation and operational efficiency?