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XLoD Global - London 2024


Boardroom Debate: Redesigning Banking Architecture: Leveraging AI in Non-Financial Risk Management

13 Nov 2024
  • Banks remain inundated with legacy systems, but to what extent will new technology support a complete overhaul and redesign in pursuit of modernisation and efficiency?
  • How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies enhance risk & compliance professionals' ability to manage non-financial risk?
  • What challenges and opportunities arise from the rapid evolution of technology and regulatory landscapes? How can practitioners ensure they stay updated and adaptable to effectively leverage new technologies while meeting transparency requirements?
  • What steps can firms take to ensure their models are trained on unbiased, accurate, and complete datasets?
  • What strategies can organisations employ to upskill practitioners on innovative technology? What is the role of technology teams vs. those in the business?