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XLoD Global - London 2024


Boardroom Debate: Navigating New Frontiers: The Evolving Role of Internal Auditors

14 Nov 2024
  • How are internal auditors adapting to the integration of AI and other emerging technologies in their audit processes? What steps should audit functions take to understand new risks and leverage opportunities provided by these technologies?
  • What are the practical issues and challenges of auditing culture? And how do firms focus on what’s beneath the iceberg?
  • What strategies are internal auditors employing to prepare for increased external disruptions? How do they maintain and test dynamic crisis management plans to ensure they are practical and effective?
  • With the increasing focus on ESG and sustainability metrics, what role should internal auditors play in the early stages of establishing accurate reporting processes and controls?
  • How can internal auditors strengthen their involvement in key business decisions? What are the benefits of building trust within the organisation and staying informed of external developments for shaping effective controls and compliance strategies?