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George Ioannidis

George Ioannidis

Acting Deputy Special Agent in Charge, El Dorado Financial Crimes Task Force, Homeland Security Investigations - New York
GEORGE IOANNIDIS is the Acting Deputy Special Agent in Charge of the Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) New York El Dorado Financial Crimes Task Force where he leads a cadre of Special Agents, Task Force Officers, and analysts that conduct international illicit finance investigations that effect the security and safety of the United States. Previously, George was assigned as the Unit Chief of Joint Task Force - Investigations, a Department of Homeland Security component that focused an integrated and comprehensive approach to countering Transnational Organized Crime by leveraging complementary law enforcement, intelligence, and non-law enforcement assets in a synergistic response to the detection, disruption, and mitigation/dismantlement of global network threats and criminal entities. During his management tenure, George worked as the Group Supervisor of the HSI element assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York City. As a Special Agent, George was assigned to the Public Safety Division where he conducted long term criminal investigations that identified, infiltrated, and dismantled international alien smuggling/human trafficking enterprises. George has served as the case agent in multi-pronged investigations implementing sensitive techniques including international alien smuggling/money laundering undercover operations, wiretap intercepts, national security information and judicially authorized lure operations. An Eagle Scout and Brooklyn native, George is a graduate of the 681st Session of the U.S. Border Patrol Academy and received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in History from Brooklyn College and the City University of New York. He is currently a doctoral candidate and adjunct professor in homeland security studies at St. John’s University in Queens.