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Fahreen Kurji

Fahreen Kurji

Chief Customer Intelligence Officer, Behavox

As Chief Customer Intelligence Officer at Behavox, Fahreen is responsible for the external elevation and communication of the company’s industry-leading insights and innovative product offerings.

Her knowledge of the challenges being faced by global enterprises, and the cutting-edge technology that helps to solve those challenges, gives Fahreen a unique perspective that has made her an industry-leading analyst and commentator.

Prior to her current role, Fahreen successfully led and scaled the Behavox customer success team, overseeing the company’s expansion into new regions. 

Fahreen is dedicated to elevating diverse perspectives and fostering untapped talent. She created the first Behavox employee development group, BeWomen, an initiative that enables the company’s growing, global workforce to have access to industry insiders and thought leaders.

Fahreen holds a dual degree in Law and International Relations from the University of Exeter.