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Clement King

Clement King

US Chief Control Officer, HSBC

Clement King is a Chief Control Officer for the U.S. for HSBC and has worked in senior roles across New York, London and Toronto since 2012. Prior to HSBC Clement worked at several other US financial institutions. 

Clement is a highly accomplished Risk and Compliance Executive who has built an extensive record of success in managing risk, protecting vital assets, and propelling commercial success for top banking and financial management organizations. 

Over the course of his career, Clement has partnered with Executive teams and corporate Boards to create powerful risk mitigation strategies that enable companies to drive growth in the face of rapidly evolving changes within global markets. 

As a senior-level leader, Clement is passionate about driving continuous improvement to achieve operational excellence, keep my companies in step with the latest technologies, strengthen our regulatory compliance, and maximize resilience as we continue to grow. 

Clement also fosters a culture of innovation, collaboration, and professional development as core elements for achieving shared goals.  He is also a strong advocate for inclusion, equity and diversity.