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Carly Blades

Carly Blades

Managing Director, Head of Europe FCRM, Global GBM FCRM Governance & Operations, Scotiabank

Carly Blades leads the Scotiabank EMEA AML and Global Banking & Markets (GBM) AML Governance Teams. She has teams based in London, Dublin, New York, Singapore and Toronto. As the Manager Director and Head of EMEA AML, Carly provides the strategic direction, leadership, and oversight of the GBM EMEA AML programs – ensuring business strategies, plans and initiatives are executed and delivered in compliance with governing regulations, internal policies, and procedures. As the Head of GBM AML Governance, Carly oversees policy, reporting, finance and project work for the global GBM FCC group.

Carly was legally trained in the US and has over a decade of financial crime risk management experience. She joined Scotiabank New York in 2017, having previously worked at both BlackRock and Promontory Financial Group as a financial services consultant.