Energy Trading Surveillance Deep Dive

DeepDiveEnergy13.00-16.00 BST / 08.00-11.00 EDT
14 & 15 September 2021

The Inaugural Energy Trading Surveillance Deep Dive

The Surveillance of Trading in Energy markets is a key focus for Compliance functions who are building out trading and communication surveillance capabilities to prevent market abuse and be compliant with global regulatory expectations. 

Our Energy Trading Surveillance Deep Dive covered in great detail the regulatory expectations for both trading and communications surveillance in the energy markets and commodity trading businesses. Senior surveillance and compliance leaders along with regulators debated best practice in trading and communications surveillance for the energy markets. Should energy trading businesses be buying or building their surveillance technologies? What are the privacy and data privacy concerns surveillance functions should be concerned with? How can surveillance functions reduce the huge amount of false positives picked up by their surveillance systems? How much resource and budget should energy trading businesses be spending on their surveillance capabilities? Have Compliance functions got the right people with the right understanding of the energy markets in place to conduct effective surveillance? What are the global regulatory expectations on energy firms to mitigate the potential for market abuse?

The in-depth analysis into specific topics ensured high quality interaction between delegates through content rich panel discussions, keynote addresses, and a series of carefully managed private interactive discussions. 

In addition, delegates were able to view the profiles of other attendees ahead the event, and network both pre- and post-event. Delegates were also able to access content from leading technology vendors and consultants. Any panel discussion content missed on the days of the event are available on-demand for seven days afterwards. The entire series of Deep Dives are CPD certified, so attendees can demonstrate professional development.

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Energy Trading Surveillance Deep Dive Topics

Debate topics: 

  • Ensuring trading surveillance complies with multiple jurisdictions and privacy regulation
  • Converting surveillance data into behavioural analytics
  • Calibration: reducing false positives
  • Buy vs build: Surveillance technology for Trading and Communications Surveillance

Roundtable topics:

  • Integrating and harmonising data from multiple platforms
  • Complications of MAR and REMIT with physical delivery
  • Enhancing culture and conduct with education and training
  • Responding to new challenges created by a virtual environment
  • Privacy: Understanding European jurisdictions
  • Privacy vs Control: The new balancing act


Energy Trading Surveillance Speakers

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How will this benefit me and my organisation?

How will this benefit me and my organisation?

  • Understand the drivers behind increasing surveillance requirements for energy trading
  • Recognise the expectations of regulators for surveillance of energy and commodity trading
  • Examine the merits of ‘Buy vs. Build’ when considering investment in surveillance technology
  • Reduce false positives by setting effective surveillance parameters 
  • Respond to the new challenges created by a virtual trading environment
  • Get the right balance between privacy and control
  • Use behavioural analytics to improve risk management  
  • Learn how energy trading exchanges view the future of trading surveillance
Who is this Energy Trading Surveillance Deep Dive for?

Who is this Energy Trading Surveillance Deep Dive for?

Practitioners from Energy Companies working within the below functions in addition to practitioners from financial institutions responsible for the oversight of commodity trading businesses:

  • Surveillance
  • Operational Risk
  • Compliance
  • Governance & Ethics
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Legal
  • CRO
  • Audit

What can I expect at the Energy Trading Surveillance Deep Dive?

  • A series of carefully managed interactive pre-booked discussions between financial institutions and energy companies, moderated by 1LoD
  • Live keynote presentations and panel discussions incorporating delegate Q&A sessions
  • An intra-delegate messaging system available before, during and after the event
  • The facility to catch up on missed content, on-demand, for seven days after the event is finished
  • An opportunity for short 1:1 video meetings with leading technology vendors and consultants
  • Access to content and presentations from leading technology vendors and consultants

How can I interact with other delegates and speakers?

  • A series of interactive pre-booked roundtable discussions between financial institutions, moderated by 1LoD
  • An intra delegate messaging system available before, during and after the event
  • 1:1 video meetings on Zoom

How do roundtables work?

These private, off the record roundtables will be moderated by 1LoD, and will be attended by delegates who have booked their place in advance.  They will take place on Zoom.  Delegates will be sent discussion topics, and an overall structure of the debate in advance to aid the flow of the discussion. 

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