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1st Line Risk & Control Deep Dive

1st Line Risk & Control Deep Dive

1st Line Risk & Control Deep Dive



The 1st Line Risk & Control Deep Dive has now passed, but keep an eye out as we will be taking interest for the 1st Line Risk & Control Deep Dive 2025 very soon. 

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Despite its existence it is hard to escape discussions around enhancing the 1st line risk and control function, with a particular focus on managing non-financial risks (NFR), and given the increasing pace and evolution of risks, we are at a crucial time in assessing the roles and responsibilities of the 1st line of defence and then listing off some of the challenges.

Throughout the 1st Line Risk & Control Deep Dive, we will focus on four key themes including:

  • Strategic Integration of NFR Management: financial institutions to shift from a governance and process-centric approach towards prioritising risk and outcomes in non-financial risk (NFR) management. How does re-evaluating current methodologies, particularly in risk and control self-assessments (RCSA), and exploring technological advancements enhance these processes?
  • Evolving Risk Culture and Responsibilities: Recent banking sector failures have highlighted not structural issues within the 1st line, but rather a broader issue with risk culture. What necessitates a gradual evolution of the 1st line to align with changing regulatory and business landscapes, and how does refining the structured approach to roles and responsibilities within the 1st line improve risk and control management?
  • Emphasis on Control over Governance: There's a growing recognition of the need to move away from a governance-heavy framework towards one that significantly emphasizes control. How does the subjective nature NFR evaluation, the unreliability of historical data, and the lengthy timelines associated with remediation programmes drive the shift in NFR management?
  • The Role of Technology and Automation: Technology and automation are deemed crucial in advancing the capabilities of the 1st line of defence. The adoption of unified automated Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) tools, which support continuous monitoring, testing, and auditing, is seen as essential. How are technological advancements key to managing non-financial risks with the same diligence as market and credit risks, and how can they lead to more efficient control cost management relative to risk?

Featured Speakers

What to expect

Taking place over two days each with three hours of debates and interactive roundtable discussions, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Engage with your direct peers globally and regionally
  • Understand global institutions’ re-evaluation of existing non-financial risk management frameworks to enable further adaption to evolving regulatory and business landscapes
  • Hear discussions about the advancements in technology and automation to streamline non-financial risk management processes, enhance accuracy and efficiency
  • Understand roles and responsibilities for non-financial risk management to improve accountability and clarity within the 1st line
  • Benchmark your practice against your peers within the 1st line community
  • Understand how banks are leveraging vendor innovation and integrating external technology with existing systems
  • Hear from leading practitioners from banks working within the region leading 1st line risk & control functions
  • Identify ways to maximise efficiencies within your institution
  • Expand your professional network

The 2024 Surveillance Benchmarking Survey & Report



How to improve the 1st line risk and control function

How can non-financial risks, or NFR, be better managed from the perspectives of people, processes, technology and culture? Leaders from the US, Europe and Asia gathered recently at 1LoD’s Deep Dive into the 1st Line Risk and Control Function to discuss this important topic.

Read the full report

1st Line Risk & Control Deep Dive: Post-Event Report 2023

How to improve the 1st line risk and control function

How the Deep Dives work


  • A series of interactive pre-booked roundtable discussions between financial institutions, moderated by 1LoD
  • An inter-delegate messaging system


These private, off the record roundtables will be moderated by 1LoD, and will be attended by delegates from financial institutions who have booked their place in advance. They will take place on Zoom, and delegates will be sent discussion topics, and an overall structure of the debate in advance to aid the flow of the discussion. 

Who should attend? 

Managing Director, Directors and Heads of: 

  • Chief Control Officers
  • 1st Line
  • 1st Line Controls
  • Chief Controls Office
  • Supervision
  • Risk Assessment
  • Control Testing
  • Controls, Conduct and Supervision
  • Behaviour/ Conduct Risk 
  • Control & Supervision
  • Business Control Unit


  • Business Risk Management
  • Business Assurance
  • COOs and Business Managers (Front Office) with a control mandate
  • Front Office Risk and Control
  • Front Office Control & Remediation
  • Front Office Policy Governance
  • Front Office Control change 
  • Business Operational Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • And Compliance and Audit practitioners who are interested
    in interoperating with their colleagues in the 1st Line

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