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  • Mirea Raaijmakers

    Mirea Raaijmakers

    Former Global Head Behavioural Risk Management, ING
  • Simeon Roberts

    Simeon Roberts

    Managing Director, Global Head of Transaction Monitoring, Barclays
  • Joseph Rondinelli

    Joseph Rondinelli

    Managing Director, Business Controls, J.P. Morgan
  • Greg Ruppert

    Greg Ruppert

    Executive Vice President, Member Supervision, FINRA
  • Sophie Rutherford

    Sophie Rutherford

    Managing Director, EMEA Head of FX Business Risk, State Street
  • Sacha Sadan

    Sacha Sadan

    Director of Environment Social and Governance, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Ruchi Saggar

    Ruchi Saggar

    Managing Director, Internal Audit – Head of Commodities and Global Markets Audit, Macquarie
  • Mark Satterthwaite

    Mark Satterthwaite

    Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, Europe, Citigroup
  • Hana Searson

    Hana Searson

    Managing Director, Global Head of Culture Change, Citigroup
  • Chandrra Sekhaar

    Chandrra Sekhaar

    Managing Director, Head of Internal Audit Department - Europe, Mizuho Bank
  • Sanjay Sharma

    Sanjay Sharma

    Managing Director, Global Head Equities, GFX and Global Debt Markets Compliance, Co – Chair of European Compliance D&I Network, HSBC
  • Nader Shwayhat

    Nader Shwayhat

    Global head, Bloomberg Integrated Compliance, Analytics, and Directory Solutions, Bloomberg
  • Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson

    Product Owner, ONETICK
  • Vandana Siney

    Vandana Siney

    Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, Barclays UK
  • Liam Smith

    Liam Smith

    Head of Market Supervision, London Stock Exchange
  • Matt Smith

    Matt Smith

    Chief Executive Officer, SteelEye
  • Roz Smith

    Roz Smith

    Head of Strategy & Change, Markets & Securities Services Non Financial Risk & Global Head of Non Financial Risk, Securities Services, HSBC
  • Ruth Steinholtz

    Ruth Steinholtz

    Author of 'Ethical Business Practice and Regulation' and Managing Partner, AretéWork
  • David Strachan

    David Strachan

    Partner and Head of the EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy, Deloitte
  • Patricia Sullivan

    Patricia Sullivan

    Global Head Financial Crime & Compliance, Business Control and Oversight for CB/IB, Deutsche Bank
  • Dr Rimma Teper

    Dr Rimma Teper

    Senior Director, Behavioural Scientist, Internal Audit, RBC
  • Miten Trivedi

    Miten Trivedi

    Managing Director, Head of Global Markets Compliance, EMEA, Goldman Sachs
  • Adam Tyrrell

    Adam Tyrrell

    Senior Vice President, CEO, State Street Trustees Limited
  • Dan Veale

    Dan Veale

    Managing Director, Global Head of Surveillance, ICG, Citigroup
  • Arden Vega

    Arden Vega

    Global Head Compliance Financial Markets/Bank Treasury, ING