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Sean K. Collins

Sean K. Collins

Director, Division of Analytics and Surveillance, Office of Enforcement, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Sean K Collins is the Director of the Division of Analytics and Surveillance (DAS) within the Office of Enforcement (OE) of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  He has previously held the position of Deputy Director of DAS.   Prior to the formation of DAS, Sean lead a team within OE that performed detailed market, portfolio, and statistical analysis related to the identification, investigation, and prosecution of market manipulation and other potential violations of federal energy laws. Prior to joining the Commission, Sean worked for KPMG, LLP, Marsh Risk Consulting and Arthur Andersen advising the management of electric and natural gas utilities in the areas of trading, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, regulation and compliance, and process improvement.  Sean holds a BA in Economics from Hampden-Sydney College and an MA in Economics from The Pennsylvania State University.