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Roger Miles

Roger Miles

Faculty Lead, UK Finance Conduct and Culture Academy; author of Culture Audit in Financial Services

Faculty Lead, Conduct and Culture Leaders Academy, UK Finance; author, ‘Culture Audit’

Dr Roger Miles researches behavioural risks in organisations and advises on the regulation, measurement and reporting of conduct, culture and reputation.  He counsels Boards and business managers on how best to communicate risk, uncertainty, and conduct matters, using new tools and MI to overcome the blind spots in conventional risk management.  He is the Behaviour At Risk lead for Finance Unlocked, and leads UK Finance’s Academy, designing and delivering consistently 5*-rated Conduct and Culture programmes in financial service firms, professional bodies and business schools worldwide. Each year he typically works one-to-one with more than 100 firms’ Conduct leaders, and personally coaches more than 3000 attested Senior Managers.

His book Culture Audit in Financial Services is now available: More broadly his research is published by, among others, Reuters, the Law Society, the Financial Times, Risk Books, Berkeley Research, and Board Performance. He is a contributing editor of the Behavioural Encyclopaedia in London School of Economics’ annual Behavioral Economics Guides; and speaker on organisational (mis)conduct, risk perception and risk culture at Cambridge University’s Economic Crime symposium. His handbook, Conduct Risk Management: a behavioural approach (Kogan Page) remains financial practitioners’ favourite plain-language guide to the topic.