Richard Determeyer

Richard Determeyer

Group Head of Fraud & Insider Risk, HSBC

Richard recently returned to the UK as the Group Head of Fraud and Insider Risk having been in the Middle East for the previous fourteen years. He has undertaken a variety of roles for HSBC since joining in 2001 including within Asset Management, Offshore Banking, Islamic Finance and for the past ten years within Risk and Compliance. In 2010, he was responsible for establishing the Security & Fraud Risk function within the United Arab Emirates before moving to France as Country Head of Security & Fraud Risk and Business Intelligence. Moving back to the Middle East Richard was accountable for the Security and Fraud Risk function across the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey and the subsequent transition of the function in 2016 into Financial Crime Threat Mitigation accountable for Financial Crime Investigations, Intelligence, Analytics, Surveillance and Fraud.

Prior to joining HSBC, Richard was commissioned out of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and spent twelve years as a British Army Officer serving globally, including tours with the United Nations.

Richard holds a Master’s degree in Security Risk Management from Loughborough University